Trading system in Diablo 4

What Diablo 4 items can be traded?

Tradable items

Blizzard made the following Diablo 4 items tradable:

  • Normal items
  • Magic items
  • Rare items
  • Elixirs
  • Gems
  • Gold

Non-tradable items

Whereas these items cannot be traded (i.e., account-bound):

Can Legendary items be traded?

Despite outcries from some players, Blizzard decided before Diablo 4's launch that Legendary and Unique items were too powerful and can't be traded. This makes Rare items with desirable affixes and good rolls the most valuable tradable items in the game. Once traded, these can be upgraded to Legendaries by imprinting them with an Aspect.

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Blizzard's philosophy on trading in Diablo 4

It's important to understand Blizzard's viewpoint on trading in Diablo 4: most of a character's best items should come from monster drops [1], not trading with other players:

"We want to make sure there is trading in Diablo 4, but not completely open-ended trading, so that players can't get all of the best items by not even playing the game."
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Blizzard predicts that the top end-game items for trade will be Rares with good rolls [2], which can be upgraded into Legendaries using Legendary Aspects:

"The developers think the best in-game base items will be Rares that you turn into Legendaries rather than straight Legendaries themselves. That's good for trade. The devs see a trade scene that revolves around trading these really high-end Rares to turn into Legendaries."
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How to initiate a trade

To start trading with another player, right-click their character, and select "Invite to Trade."

Initiating a trade in Diablo 4
Inviting another player to trade

This will send a timed, 20 second trade invitation that the other player can accept or decline.

Diablo 4 trade invitation
Timed trade invitation

If the other player accepts, both players's characters will show handshake icons above their heads.

Handshake icon over two Diablo 4 players trading
Handshake icon signifying players trading

Also, the trading menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Each player can select up to 12 items to offer the other player. The items must be in the players' inventories (i.e., not Stash). An amount of Gold can separately be added to sweeten the deal.

After both sides have chosen what to offer, they then have to click the "Accept Trade" button.

Diablo 4 trade screen UI
Trading menu UI in Diablo 4

The "Offer Locked In" messages under each player's name will change to the green-colored "Trade Accepted," and the player will receive a message prompt informing them that their items are now in their inventory.

Diablo 4 trade complete message
Message after a successful trade
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Possible future trading features

Clan Bank trading feature?

Up until 2021, Blizzard made multiple mentions of a Clan Bank feature [3], which allowed clanmates to easily pass items between each other (and collectively store gold?). Since then, there's been radio silence about the feature, and it didn't appear in the Open Beta. Perhaps it'll be in for launch, a Season, or expansion.

"We want Diablo 4 to be social, and the shared world is something we're leaning on. We do want that opportunity for players to say: "I can't believe you have that item. Let me barter with you." We're still figuring out the limitations on trading. We'll have player-to-player and with your clan via the clan bank."
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Auction House trading feature?

No. Realizing from past experience that an Auction House doesn't mesh well with the Diablo series' gameplay, Blizzard won't be including the feature in Diablo 4.

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