Magic Find in Diablo 4

Does Diablo 4 have Magic Find?

Yes, Diablo 4 has Magic Find; however, it's not implemented like in past Diablo games (i.e., as an affix on gear). In Diablo 2, players would often deck out their characters with items containing high-rolling Magic Find affixes. Blizzard didn't want Diablo 4 players to have to waste valuable affix slots on Magic Find, so they decided to remove it as an item affix.

Magic Find affix on Nightmare Sigils

Instead, Blizzard transitioned Magic Find to an affix on Nightmare Sigils, which are used to open up end-game Nightmare Dungeons.

Diablo 4 Magic Find Nightmare Dungeon affix
Magic Find affix on a Nightmare Sigil

Magic Find's impact on Nightmare Dungeon loot

Blizzard hasn't specified how much better loot gets when playing a Nightmare Dungeons with a Magic Find affix, but the effect does seem noticeable, especially on the Dungeon's Completion Rewards. After playing through the Nightmare Dungeon pictured above on a Level 58 character, the Completion Rewards were:

Magic Find D4 Nightmare Dungeon completion rewards
Nightmare Dungeon completion rewards with Magic Find affix
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Magic Find was a Gem bonus during D4's development

During 2019's BlizzCon, early in Diablo 4's development, Blizzard said that Magic Find was a bonus in Gems [1]:

"Magic Find or increased Gold -- we want to do it. Right now, we have them in Gems. What we don't like is when they compete against damage affixes. Now, the player's choice is do I want to kill stuff faster, which makes me stronger, so I'm having more fun with the game, but in reality, Magic Find is the way to go, so I'm actually playing a weaker build than I can."
Diablo IV guide author David Kim · Former Diablo 4 Principal Game Designer · LinkedIn icon svg

At some stage, Blizzard transitioned Magic Find to an affix on Nightmare Sigils, which completely eliminates the problem of players having to choose Magic Find over damage affixes on their gear, so it seems like a good solution.

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