Voice chat in Diablo 4

Cross-platform voice chat with Clan & Party channels

Diablo 4 is the first Diablo game to support voice chat, which can be accessed through the Social screen ('O' hotkey). The feature has fewer offerings than Discord; however, it's in-game, which gives it a huge convenience advantage. It's also cross-platform, so PC players can talk to console users.

Accessing voice chat on the Social screen

On the Social screen, players can see their their Party members, an audio icon (if voice chat is on), and a "Voice Chat" button that brings up a menu to select a voice channel:

Diablo 4 Voice chat UI
Voice chat UI on the Social screen

Voice chat channel selection menu

Once the "Voice Chat" button is clicked, the player is given a choice between:

  • None: Keep voice chat off or leave your existing channel
  • Party: Join your current party's channel (max: 4 players)
  • Clan: Join a channel containing your clanmates (max: unknown)
Voice chat channel options in Diablo 4
Diablo 4 has separate voice chat channels for Clan and Party

Note that even if a player doesn't have a headset or microphone, they can still join the Clan or Party channel to listen in on conversation. Also, Clan leaders can control which members (based on rank) can speak in the Clan channel using the Clan permissions screen.

Player voice chat icon and notifications

Players using voice chat have an audio icon beside their name. This is displayed both on the Social screen and on the party member listing on the main gameplay screen.

Voice chat icon beside Diablo 4 player name
Audio icon displayed beside players with voice chat on

When players, including yourself, enter or leave a channel, all participants in the channel receive a notification:

Diablo 4 voice chat notifications
Notifications of players entering and leaving channels
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Voice chat settings

Voice chat options are found under Options > Sound. The full list is below:

Auto-Join Voice Channels

Automatically join party voice chats.

  • On
  • Off

Voice Chat Mode

Controls whether the player's voice is automatically transmitted to others in the channel or only on the player's signal.

  • Push-to-Talk: The player's voice is only transmitted when the push-to-talk key (`) is held down. This keybinding can be changed under the Controls tab.
  • Open Mic: The player's voice is automaticlly transmitted when microphone audio is detected.

Voice Chat Output Device

The output device that outputs the voice chat. Diablo 4 uses the Sound Output Device setting listed above as the default (a headphone or speaker).

Voice Chat Volume

Controls the volume of incoming voice chat.

  • Slider bar with range of 0 - 100

Microphone Device

The output device that records the player's voice. Diablo 4 will automaticallyd detect connected microphones to the system.

Microphone Output Volume

Determines the outgoing volume of the player's voice.

  • Slider bar with range of 0 - 100

Voice Chat Focus

Reduces game sounds when someone in the player's party is speaking in voice chat.

  • On
  • Off

Voice Chat Focus Amount

Controls the amount of volume reduction of game sounds when someone in voice chat is speaking.

  • Slider bar with range of 1 - 100

Transcribe Voice Chat

Toggles speech-to-text transcription of words spoken in voice chat channels.

  • On
  • Off

Best microphones & headsets for Diablo 4

To participate in discussions using Diablo 4's voice chat feature (or Discord), you'll need either a headset or microphone. Headsets offer more convenience, with their 2-in-1 offering; however, their audio quality doesn't compare with the best (separate) headphones and microphones.

Recommended microphones

If you're going the separate microphone route, there's a handful of great choices that cater to gamers and streamers, but the HyperX QuadCast S is often the most talked about.

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Recommended headsets

While headsets are highly personal, in terms of fit and sound preference, most respected tech review sites and audiophiles on reddit say it's hard to go wrong with the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro:

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