Diablo 4 game modes

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Hardcore Mode

Diablo 4 Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode will return and pay homage to past Diablo games. Die once and start over fresh.

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Diablo 4 PvP

PvP is done on the Fields of Hatred, where Seeds of Hatred are collected and purified for a reward.

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Diablo 4 speedrunning

Diablo 4's diverse classes and lack of loading screens will hopefully make the game friendlier for speedrunners.

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Solo-self found

Diablo 4 Solo Self-found Mode

There's no official Solo Self-found Mode in Diablo 4, but nothing stops you from playing in a similar fashion.

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Multiple ways to play

Staying true to the franchise, Diablo 4 will feature Hardcore Mode, which forces a player to restart if they die once. The mode is popular with Twitch and YouTube streamers. The game will also feature PvP, an optional mode done in a dedicated zone, called the Fields of Hatred. Elements of Diablo 4, like no loading screens and the addition of mounts, will make the game attractive for speedrunning, which is also a top draw on Twitch and YouTube.