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Time Season 1 release: July 20, 10AM PDT
D4 Stable Master

Services of the Stable Master

NPCs ·

The Stable Master allows a player to alter the look of their Mount. Currently, all changes made to Mounts at the Stable Master are cosmetic-only, providing no power boost to the Mount. Stable Masters are available in all Regional ...

D4 Helltide

A guide to Diablo 4 Helltides

End-game ·

Helltides are one of Diablo 4's main end-game systems, first accessible in World Tier 3: Nightmare. They randomly erupt in one of the game's 5 Regions and last 60 minutes. Within the Helltide: Monsters are tougher: monsters ...

D4 Hatred's Chosen

How does Hatred's Chosen work?

PvP ·

Hatred's Chosen is a PvP system that rewards players for consecutive PvP kills. Once a player slays their first opponent on the Fields of Hatred, a message appears saying they've begun to gain Hatred. The player will also notice ...

D4 Fields of Hatred

Navigating the Fields of Hatred

PvP ·

Players wanting to participate in PvP in Diablo 4 can only do so within 2 dedicated zones, called The Fields of Hatred. Both zones: Have the same mechanics: players can PvP, PvE, and collect the same rewards in either ...

D4 Discord servers

Most popular Diablo 4 Discord servers

Multiplayer ·

Like other popular online games, Diablo 4 has a large presence on Discord. Below are the most popular servers that focus on Diablo 4: Sanctuary (Official Blizzard) 424,274. wudijo 99,532. The Chaos Sanctuary 66,370. /r/Diablo ...

D4 Transmog

Using transmog at the Wardrobe

Characters ·

Transmogrification (or "transmog" for short) allows players to change an item's look without changing its power. In Diablo 4, transmog is done at the Wardrobe, found in all Regional Capitals. Which items are eligible for ...

D4 Incense

How does Incense work?

Crafting ·

Incense is a type of consumable that buffs all nearby players, which could include Party members or random players (e.g., at an Event or World Boss fight). Players within an active Incense's effect radius will have an Incense ...

D4 Purveyor of Curiosities

Purveyor of Curiosities Legendary odds

NPCs ·

Players have a chance to win anything from a Normal to Legendary item from the Purveyor of Curiosities. Below is the breakdown of item rarities we've gotten gambling for 75 items: Normal 3%, Magic 39%, Rare 33%, Legendary ...

D4 Estuar

What is Estuar in Diablo 4?

Map ·

Estuar is the continent that Diablo 4 takes place on. Sanctuary consists of 2 continents separated by the Twin Seas, and Estuar is the eastern one. Diablo 4's storyline takes players through the top two-thirds of Estuar. The bottom ...

D4 Nightmare Dungeons

How Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons work

Dungeons ·

Nightmare Dungeons are upgraded, end-game versions of regular Dungeons. They contain tougher Monsters and better loot, and become available to players in World Tier 3: Nightmare, when players acquire their first ...

D4 Nightmare Dungeon affixes

Full list of Nightmare Dungeon affixes

Dungeons ·

Blood Blister affix: Killing a monster has a chance to spawn a Blood Blister. After a short time, it explodes, dealing heavy area damage. Death Pulse affix: Killing a monster releases a deadly lightning pulse after a short delay ...

D4 Nightmare Sigils

A guide to Nightmare Sigils

Dungeons ·

Nightmare Sigils (or "Dungeon keys") allow players to upgrade a regular Dungeon into an end-game Dungeon. Doing so means the player will see: Harder Monsters: Monsters have more Life, resistances, and Elite Monster ...

D4 Magic Find

Treasure Goblin's Old Journal Quest item

Itemization ·

Treasure Goblins have a chance to drop an Old Journal, which begins the Endless Fortune Side Quest. The quest consists of simply returning the journal to Ostaf, the Purveyor of Curiosities in Kehjistan. After turning the journal in ...

D4 Magic Find

Magic Find affix on Nightmare Sigils

Itemization ·

Diablo 4 has Magic Find; however, it's not implemented like in past Diablo games (i.e., as an affix on gear). In Diablo 2, players would often deck out their characters with items containing high-rolling Magic Find affixes. Blizzard ...

D4 Red Dust

Getting and using Red Dust currency

PvP ·

Red Dust is a currency acquired via PvP. It's accepted in the PvP towns of Alzuuda and Denshar to: buy Cosmetic items: like Armor, Mount Armor, and Mount Trophies. Purchase Cursed Scrolls: used in the Fields of Hatred to ...

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