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Diablo 4 bosses

Led by Lilith, Diablo 4 will feature a host of bosses. World Bosses randomly roam the open world.

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Diablo 4 dungeons

Dungeons will have affixes, random events and bosses, and over 100 unique environments to explore.

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Diablo 4 map

The playable world in Diablo 4 is 10 to 20 times larger than in past Diablo games. Mounts make travel easier.

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Diablo 4 monsters

Returning monster families like the Fallen and Goatmen will join new ones, like Cultists and Drowned.

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Diablo 4 NPCs

Sanctuary's towns are filled with useful and interesting NPCs to assist players in their arduous journey.

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Diablo 4 story

90% of Sanctuary's population is dead, Heaven's gates are closed, and Lilith and Inarius have returned.

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Diablo 4 characters

Players can create highly detailed characters, as well as track their achievements and seasonal ranks.

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Diablo 4 classes

Choose from 5 diverse classes: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer.

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Diablo 4 combat

Diablo 4 has the most complex combat of any Diablo game. Players can now evade enemy attacks.

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Diablo 4 end-game

End-game systems like Paragon Boards and Nightmare Dungeons will keep players occupied for years.

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Diablo 4 Events

The world of Sanctuary feels alive each time you explore it, with random, rewarding encounters called Events.

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Game modes

Diablo 4 game modes

There's multiple ways to play Diablo 4, including Hardcore, PvP, and speed running. SSF isn't included, though.

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Diablo 4 mounts

There's many types of mounts to be discovered in Sanctuary, which can be equipped with items and trophies.

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Diablo 4 multiplayer

Playing with friends on your couch or across the world is easier than ever. Creating clans will also be supported.

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Diablo 4 PvP

PvP is done on the Fields of Hatred, where Seeds of Hatred are collected and purified for a reward.

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Diablo 4 seasons

Blizzard will release four Seasons a year, with new item, monster, quest changes that'll make the game fresh.

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Diablo 4 skills

Each class has a large variety of skills, upgrades, and passives. After Level 50, players begin on Paragorn Boards.

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Diablo 4 crafting

Diablo 4 will have a complex crafting system. Players will collect crafting materials and salavge items.

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Diablo 4 Gold

In addition to Gold, players will collect a few other currencies to buy PvP rewards and open special Chests.

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Diablo 4 inventory

Inventory tabs, a shared stash, and uniform item sizes are new quality-of-life inventory improvements.

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Diablo 4 itemization

Items can be one of five quality tiers, from Normal to Unique. They can also have sockets and be upgraded.

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Diablo 4 monetization

Diablo 4 will be sold as a base game. Blizzard will make further money by running a Cosmetics Shop.

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Official details

Diablo 4 official

Diablo 4 releases on June 6, 2023 after many years of development. Seasons and expansions are planned.

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Diablo 4 settings

Diablo 4 will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game will be cross-platform and regionless.

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Biggest and darkest Diablo ever

Diablo 4 is set to release in mid 2023. The game harkens back to the dark themes of Diablo 2, while introducing major new features, like an open, shared world with other players that's over ten times larger than previous Diablo games, mounts that allow for efficient travel, and end-game systems like challenging Nightmare Dungeons and Paragon Boards that allow you to customize your build.