Diablo 4 inventory

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Inventory screen

Inventory screen

Diablo 4 inventory screen

The inventory screen has many quality-of-life improvements, including tabs and icon previews.

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Item slots

Diablo 4 armor slot types

Characters will have 5 Armor and 3 Jewelry slots to fill with powerful items. Weapon slots vary by Class.

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Shared stash

Diablo 4 shared stash

All of a player's characters can access the same shared stash, preventing character switching and mules.

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Inventory with quality-of-life in mind

Blizzard listened to players' feedback from past Diablo games and implemented multiple quality-of-life improvements for Diablo 4's inventory screens. All items, from rings to 2-handed axes, will take up one slot in a character's inventory. The inventory screen will also have tabs to categorize items for crafting, equipment, mounts, and quests. Lastly, all of a player's characters' items are available in a shared stash.