Inventory screen in Diablo 4

Inventory tabs

Given the greater diversity of items in Diablo 4, the game's Inventory system is split into 4 tabs:

  • Equipment tab: Armor, Caches, Gems, Jewelry, and Weapons
  • Consumables tab: Elixirs and Incense
  • Quest tab: items related to the completion of quests
  • Aspects tab: Legendary Aspects extracted via the Occultist
Diablo 4 inventory tabs
Tabs on Diablo 4's inventory screen
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Number of Inventory slots

Below are how many slots each of the Diablo 4 Inventory tabs have:

Tab Slots
Equipment 33
Consumables 33
Quest 22
Aspects 22

Players will routinely fill up their Equipment tab, but rarely do so with their Quest and Aspects ones.

Diablo 4 number of Inventory slots
The Equipment tab has 33 total item slots

All items take up 1 slot

As opposed to Diablo 2, which saw large items, like Shields, span 8 total inventory slots (4 rows by 2 columns), in Diablo 4, all items will take up 1 slot [1]:

"To avoid interrupting gameplay with pockets of inventory management, we're not planning on bringing back different-sized items."
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Item icons are previews

Another quality-of-life improvement is that each item's inventory slot icon is a smaller version of its larger self, making them easier to distinguish between each other.

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Inventory sorting

After long gameplay periods, like a Dungeon run, a player's Inventory Equipment tab is usually at or near full capacity. Because items are placed into the Inventory in the order they're picked up, this order is largely random; therefore, Blizzard added a sorting feature for instant organization. The feature is accessed via a circular, red button with up and down arrows.

Sorting order

The Inventory sorting method is as follows:

  • Equipment slot, then
  • Item Power level, then
  • Item quality

Below is a before-and-after demonstration of the sorting feature:

Diablo 4 number of Inventory slots
A full Inventory before using the sorting feature
Diablo 4 number of Inventory slots
A now sorted Inventory after using the sorting feature

Unreviewed items

In another quality-of-life feature, Blizzard made new items in the Inventory that the player hasn't reviewed yet (i.e., hovered over them and examined their stats) have a shimmer effect. Once the item is hovered over, the shimmer effect goes away.

D4 Inventory new item shimmer effect
Diablo 4 items that haven't been hovered over have a shimmer effect
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Article Source Date
1. Diablo IV Quarterly Update 2020 Q1 Blizzard


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