Item slots in Diablo 4

Number of equipment slots

Armor slots

Characters of all Classes in Diablo 4 have 5 Armor slots:

  • Helm
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Legs
  • Boots

Jewelry slots

And 3 Jewelry slots:

  • Amulet
  • Ring 1
  • Ring 2
Diablo 4 item slots
Diablo 4 characters have 5 Armor and 3 Jewelry slots

Weapon slots

Each Class carries a different amount of weapons.

Barbarian Weapon slots

The Barbarian has 4 Weapon slots as part of its Aresenal System, one more than other Classes. This includes:

  • 1 Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapon
  • 1 Two-Handed Slashing Weapon
  • 2 One-Handed Weapons
D4 Barbarian Weapon slots
Barbarians can carry more Weapons (4) than any other Class

Druid Weapon slots

Druids have 2 slots, and can do the below setups:

  • 1 One-Handed Weapon + 1 Off-Hand (Totem)
  • 1 Two-Handed Weapon
Diablo IV Druid Weapon slots
Druids can use an Off-Hand item called a Totem

Necromancer Weapon slots

The Necromancer has 2 slots, which can be used in the following configurations:

  • 1 One-Handed Weapon + 1 Off-Hand
  • 1 Two-Handed Weapon
Diablo IV Necromancer Weapon slots
A Necromancer carrying a One-Handed Sword and a Shield

Rogue Weapon slots

Rogues have 3 Weapon slots:

  • 1 Ranged Weapon (Bow or Crossbow)
  • 2 One-Handed Weapons (Daggers or Small Swords)
Diablo 4 Rogue Weapon slots
Rogues can equip three Weapons, one fewer than the Barbarian

Sorcerer Weapon slots

The Sorcerer has 2 slots, with options for:

  • 1 One-Handed Weapon (Wand) + 1 Off-Hand (Focus)
  • 1 Two-Handed Stave
Diablo 4 Sorcerer Weapon slots
A Sorcerer with a two-handed Stave
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Item slots removed in Diablo 4

Shoulders slot removed

The Shoulders slot won't be returning in Diablo 4. Instead, it'll be merged into the Chest slot. Blizzard made this decision mainly for aesthetic reasons, so they could craft more impressive looking Chest armor pieces (i.e., a separate Shoulders slot would break the cohesiveness of the look).

"We wanted to make sure we had visual variety of some Armor pieces having really awesome Shoulder pieces, some Armor having no Shoulder pieces. Say, with a Barbarian, if an end-game look was pauldrons, that'd be pretty cool."
Diablo IV guide author David Kim · Former Diablo 4 Principal Game Designer · LinkedIn icon svg

Belt slot removed

Blizzard has also merged the Belt armor slot into the Legs slot. This too is thought to be for aesthetic reasons. In past Diablo games, some Belts looked odd paired with certain Legs and/or Chest pieces.

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