Lucky Hit Calculation in Diablo 4

What is Lucky Hit?

Lucky Hit effects

Lucky Hit effects are bonuses found on certain:

They're unique in that they don't occur every time you attack an enemy -- only at a certain rate determined by the player's Lucky Hit Chance.

D4 Necromancer Hewed Flesh Passive
A Corpse Lucky Hit effect on the Necromancer's Hewed Flesh Passive

Lucky Hit Chance

The calculation for Lucky Hit Chance is based on the multiplication of 3 inputs:

#1: Lucky Hit effect's chance

As noted above, Lucky Hit effects can appear on certain Items, Passive Skills, and Skills. Listed within the Lucky Hit effect's description will be the chance at which it can occur. On the Legendary Helm below, the Lucky Hit effect's chance is 22%.

D4 Lucky Hit Calculation on Legendary Helm
Lucky Hit effect on a Legendary Helm

#2: Skill's Lucky Hit Chance

The second input into the Lucky Hit formula is the player's active Skill's Lucky Hit Chance. Note that Advanced Tooltip Info must be turned on in Gameplay Settings in order to see a Skill's Lucky Hit Chance value. Below, the Barbarian's Hammer of the Ancients Skill shows a rate of 40%.

Diablo 4 Lucky Hit formula
Barbarian's Hammer of the Ancients' Lucky Hit Chance

#3) Increased Lucky Hit Chance from items

The following item types have a chance to roll a "+__% Lucky Hit Chance" affix:

  • Gloves
  • Rings
  • Wands

The Legendary Ring below rolled with such an affix, adding 2.8% Lucky Hit Chance. Note that if a player has multiple items equipped that have Lucky Hit Chance affixes, the rates are added together first, then multiplied with the 2 inputs above.

D4 Legendary Ring Lucky Hit Chance
Legendary Ring with increased Lucky Hit Chance

Lucky Hit Chance Calculation example

Whew... after all those numbers, let's finally calculate the total Lucky Hit Chance using the 3 inputs presented above:

  • Lucky Hit effect rate from the Helm: 22% --> 0.22
  • Lucky Hit Chance from Hammer of the Ancients Skill: 40% --> 0.40
  • Increased Lucky Hit Chance from the Ring: +2.8% --> 0.028 + 1 --> 1.028

Total Lucky Hit Chance: 0.22 x 0.40 x 1.028 = 0.0904 x 100 = 9.04%

Therefore, this Barbarian player can expect the Lucky Hit effect on their Helm (extended Berserk duration) to occur roughly 1 out of 10 hits (or 9.04% to be exact).

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