Whispers of the Dead in Diablo 4

End-game routine bounty system

At the end of the Diablo 4 2023 release date announcement, Blizzard teased a new end-game system: the Whispers of the Dead [1], which joins the Paragon Board system and Nightmare Dungeons as other end-game activities.

The system offers routine tasks to complete around Sanctuary:

"The Tree of Whispers is an end-game system that provides you with frequently cycling world objectives and bounties."
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"The Tree of Whispers sends you on missions all around the world. These show up on the map and you can complete these whispers for additional rewards."
Diablo IV guide author Joe Shely · Diablo IV Game Director · Twitter icon svg

We suspect the system is a way to encourage further exploration of Diablo 4's vast, open world, which is 10-20 times larger than in past Diablo games. Missions might be in the form of: "Kill these monsters in this region."

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New Whispers appear multiple time a day

Blizzard says players can expect multiple Whispers per day [2], which will pop up on the map. These are optional, but, given the rewards, probably worth the effort.

"The types of Whispers a player can see on their map change frequently, with new ones available throughout the day. Each Whisper offers both a different set of experience and rewards for completing it."
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Whispers of the Dead rewards

Once an objective is satisfied, players are rewarded with:

  • Experience
  • Gold
  • Grim Favors

Grim Favors are a form of currency that can be exchanged at the Tree of Whispers. More difficult bounties reward more Grim Favors, and when a player acquires 10 of them, the favors can be traded for items. Blizzard previously mentioned the ones below, although this list could change before launch:

"Rewarding you with Legendary gear, crafting materials, experience, and more!"
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"They give you access to the Nightmare Sigils, taking you into Nightmare Dungeons."
Diablo IV guide author Joe Shely · Diablo IV Game Director · Twitter icon svg
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Unlocked via a main storyline quest

As Whispers of the Dead is an end-game system, it won't be available early in the game. It's unlocked via a (currently unknown) quest while playing the campaign:

"The Whispers of the Dead doesn't become available until after finishing a certain chapter of the Main Questline."
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Penalty for unfulfilled whispers

If you accept a whisper (i.e., contract) with the Tree of Whispers, but fail to complete it, there will be repercussions [3]:

"You make a deal with the Tree of Whispers and there's an unfortunate end when you break your contract. The tree hires people to collect for them. It's a bounty system to fulfill these contracts for the Tree of Whispers. You can level up with these bounties and target certain loot."
Diablo IV guide author Rod Fergusson · General Manager of Diablo Franchise · Twitter icon svg

The negative consequences aren't known yet, but one could imagine lost gold or experience, or hitmen-style monsters sent after you.


Tree of Whispers screenshots

One of the only glimpses we have of the Tree of Whispers is a screenshot Blizzard provided at the end of a Developer Update blogpost. In it, we see what appears to be a Rogue character in front of an ancient, gnarled tree. At the base of the tree's trunk are candles and small baskets. Hanging from the tree's branches, void of any leaves, are freshly decapitated heads. A raven is perched on one of the branches, perhaps a nod to Norse mythology.

Diablo 4 Tree of Whispers
Tree of Whispers end-game system in Diablo 4

In a later blogpost, announcing the start of the end-game closed beta, Blizzard shared another screenshot of the Tree of Whispers. The tree looks largely the same, sans a few of the larger heads hanging in the middleground, but now has an eerie purple mist around it:

Tree of Whispers with purple mist
Purple mist surrounding Tree of Whispers

Tree of Whispers artwork

We think the below artwork, added to Blizzard's Press Center in September 2020, is of the Tree of Whispers [4]. Its above-ground roots, swamp-like setting, and corpse match with the tree seen in June 2022's in-game screenshot.

Tree of Whispers artwork
(Likely) artwork of the Tree of Whispers
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