Diablo 4 seasons

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Season features


Diablo 4 leaderboards

Leaderboards will run each season and test the will of players in more diverse categories than ever.

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Live events

Diablo 4 live events

Every season, players can look forward to multiple, surprise live season events, each with rewards.

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Quarterly seasons

Diablo 4 quarterly seasons

Blizzard has a large, dedicated team releasing new Diablo 4 seasons every quarter. The game has a long future.

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Season Journey

Diablo 4 Season Journey

Season Journey provides players with objectives to guide them through a season.

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Season Pass

Diablo 4 Season Pass

The free and premium tiers of the Season Pass will reward players as they play a season.

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New game feel each season

Blizzard says its main intent with Seasons is to make the game feel like whole different game within the first 30 minutes of playing a new season. They're aiming to achieve this by adding new items, skill balance tweaks, events, mounts, and more. Both the Season Journey and Season Pass systems will provide a roadmap for players throughout the season and reward them when certain milestones are hit. The premium tier of the Season Pass will offer impressive cosmetic items.