Diablo 4 monetization

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Cosmetics Shop

Diablo 4 Cosmetics Shop

The Cosmetics Shop offers item bundles for each class that can be bought with Palladium currency.

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Diablo 4 free-to-play

Diablo 4, like past Diablo games, will require players to purchase the base game. It's not free-to-play, like PoE.

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Diablo 4 microtransactions

Players can purchase cosmetic items through an in-game store. These items won't affect power at all.

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NFT items?

Diablo 4 NFT items

Despite the growing trend of NFTs, Blizzard will not include them or other cryptocurrency tech in Diablo 4.

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Palladium currency

Diablo 4 Premium Currency

Premium Currency is obtained via the Season Pass feature and can be used to buy seasonal cosmetic bundles.

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Buy cosmetics, not power

Blizzard is well aware that Diablo fans don't want Diablo 4 to have pay-to-win mechanics. It's made a vow to have aesthetic-only microtransactions (MTX), as it's done with Overwatch and World of Warcraft. In addition to microtransactions, Blizzard will make money off Diablo 4 with sales of the base game and expansions. Although NFT use is surging in gaming, Blizzard won't use them (yet).