Diablo 4 Dungeons

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Dungeons by Region

Fractured Peaks

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Dungeons

The Fractured Peaks Region has 23 Dungeons for players to explore, each rewarding a Legendary Aspect.

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Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare affixes

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon affixes

Diablo 4 has over 70 Nightmare Dungeon affixes to to keep end-game Dungeons fresh and memorable.

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Nightmare Dungeon

Diablo 4 nightmare dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are end-game content that contain the hardest monsters, but rewarding loot.

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Nightmare Sigils

Diablo 4 dungeon keys

Sigils allow you to enter one of hundreds of dungeons. They have difficulty ranks and affixes.

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Dungeon mechanics

Codex of Power

Diablo 4 Codex of Power

After finishing a dungeon, players receive a Legendary Aspect in the Codex of Power.

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Dungeon events

Diablo 4 random events

There's dozens of random events players will come across while exploring dungeons.

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Complex dungeons with rewarding loot

Diablo 4 Dungeons contain many improvements over the Dungeons of previous Diablo games. Diablo 4 will have over 120 Dungeons, all unique and scattered around Sanctuary's 5 Regions.

Nightmare Dungeons

The most challenging content in Diablo 4 will be high tier Nightmare Dungeons. These have random properties based on the Nightmare Sigil that unlocks them. Players will have to decide if a brutal combination of Sigil affixes are worth the risk for the game's best loot.

Legendary Aspect Rewards

In addition for the chance at great loot, each Dungeon, once completed, unlocks a unique Legendary Aspect in the Codex of Power. Many of these Aspects are Class-based, so players can target specific Dungeons based on their Class/build.

Private to you and your Party

Dungeons aren't part of the Open World, and are completely private to you and your Party.

Exterior and interior Dungeons

In previous Diablo games, all Dungeons were interior, but that'll change in Diablo 4, with both interior and exterior Dungeons. Environments in a Dungeon can also suddenly shift.

Seamless play without loading screens

Other than a brief pause when entering a Dungeon, players can enjoy a completely seamless experience once in, with no loading screens between areas and bosses.

Random Dungeon Events

Players never know what they'll find inside Dungeons, including Random Events with short storylines, Treasure Goblins