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Diablo IV guide author A Diablo 4 fansite founded in 2022

Site lore

On the outskirts of Tristram, beside a dilapidated wooden fence, a glint of light caught a boy's eye. The object, concealed under the earth for millennia, had been propelled to the surface by an unknown force -- to answer the call of a calamitous time. It was... the Mythic Drop.

Diablo 4 mine Stronghold

Site mission

Mythic Drop (mythicdrop.com) is a Diablo 4 fansite that aims to be:

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Fresh
  • Pertinent
  • Succinct

Site history

mythicdrop.com launched in February 2022. It featured content on all known Diablo 4 topics and items at the time, and later added a section on popular streamer profiles.

The genesis of the site began in late 2019, after Blizzard's big reveal of the game at BlizzCon 2019. Then, the most powerful tier of items was Mythic; thus, the name: Mythic Drop. A year later, Blizzard would go on to replace this tier with Unique, but "Mythic Drop" sounds a lot cooler than "Unique Drop," and the name is an interesting artifact of Diablo 4's development history.


Design evolution

The goal of Mythic Drop's design is to present our content on a clean, sleek layout, to get you your answers faster while being easy on your eyes. As you can see in the design evolution below, we started with a simple, monochrome design and have been slowly fine-tuning it since.

mythicdrop.com Diablo fansite February 2022
mythicdrop.com design in February 2022
mythicdrop.com Diablo fansite July 2022
mythicdrop.com design in July 2022
mythicdrop.com Diablo fansite October 2022
mythicdrop.com design in October 2022

Exclusive stories broken

We strive to add an investigative journalist angle to the Diablo 4 news scene, connecting dots to break exclusive stories, like: