Diablo 4 PvP Ears

What do Diablo 4 Ears do?

Ears are items looted from the corpses of slain PvP opponents [1]. They do nothing, other than remind a player of past opponents killed, and can be kept in the Stash, discarded, or sold for 1 Gold.

Diablo 4 PvP Ear
A player's Ear looted from PVP
"Yeah, right now it's a very cool trophy. The thing that was neat about the D2 Ears was you could fill up your whole inventory with them, being able to see the people that you took the Ears from, and seeing their character names on there was always the interesting and fun part and proof that, "Yeah, I got that person." We want to make sure that we embraced that aspect of it. That's the important part. I think that's going to be a great callback to Diablo II PvP."
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What's the Ear drop rate?

Ears don't drop after every kill. While stats are still firming up, Ear drop rates are thought to be about 30%. There's been one report of a player looting 2 Ears from 1 player. When Ears drop, their item text is in red and will appear beside the slain player's headstone and Seeds of Hatred.

Ear Diablo 4
Ears are easy to spot with their red text

Can you display Ears as trophies?

At this time, players can't display their Ears on their character or Mount; however, this could change in a future Season or expansion.

Ears on Killer's Leggings PvP Cosmetic

There exists a PvP Cosmetic reward, called Killer's Leggings, that can be purchased from the Odds and Ends Vendor in Alzuuda and Denshare (i.e., the PvP towns). It costs 75,000 Red Dust and is one piece of the larger Killer's set.

Diablo 4 Killer's Leggings PvP
Killer's Leggings, of the PvP rewards Killer's set

When equipped on a Rogue (and only the Rogue), the Killer's Leggings display about a dozen Ears on the legging's sash. These Ears aren't tied to the actual looted Ears a player has collected and are default to the item's look. Still, this is the only example of Ears being shown to other players.

Killer's Leggings D4
The Rogue's version of Killer Leggings has Ears on it
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Ears featured in the Rogue's Introduction Trailer

In Diablo 4, Ears are most associated with the Rogue Class (all Classes can loot them, though) and were featured heavily in the Rogue Introduction Trailer [2]. In the video, the Rogue is seen giving a corrupt priest Ears from bounty targets she slayed.

D4 Ears
A player's Ear looted from PvP

At the end of the video, the priests opens up a cabinet, filled with dozens of Ears on hooks.

Diablo 4 PVP ear trophy cabinet
Cabinet featuring an Ear Trophy collection
Rogue's Class Trailer featuring Ears
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PvP Ears in past Diablo games

Slicing off a defeated opponent's Ear in PvP has been a tradition in the Diablo series dating back to the original's release in 1996. Ears were featured in Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. In these earlier games, victorious players got Ears after each kill, and Ears could be sold for 1 Gold a piece.

Diablo 2 Ears PvP
Ears from Diablo 2 PvP players
Diablo 1 Ears PvP
Diablo 1 Ears, circa late 1990s
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