Hatred's Chosen in Diablo 4

What is Hatred's Chosen?

Hatred's Chosen is a PvP system that rewards players for consecutive PvP kills. Once a player slays their first opponent on the Fields of Hatred, a message appears saying they've begun to gain Hatred.

Diablo 4 Hatred's Chosen
Hatred's Chosen prompt after a player's first PvP kill

The player will also notice that a Hatred tracker is added to the left of their Seeds of Hatred balance.

D4 Hatred's Chosen amount
A player's amount of Hatred

Earning Hatred

Killing other players is the only way to gain Hatred for the Hatred's Chosen system. Once killed, most opponents give 10 Hatred, while others give only 5 (this may be due to the opponent being lower level or Injured when first attacked). Hatred will continue to accumulate until the player reaches 100, at which time they become Hatred's Chosen.

Losing Hatred

If a player dies, they lose all of their accumulated Hatred (the Hatred tracker disappears). Also, if a player leaves the boundaries of their current Field of Hatred, they forfeit their Hatred total.

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Surviving Hatred's Chosen

Once a player reaches 100 Hatred, they achieve Hatred's Chosen status and a 5 minute timer begins in which the player has to survive in order to receive the Hatred's Chosen rewards. Throughout this time, the player's position is broadcast to others on the map (similar to the Seething Abomination roaming Boss), making them a juicy target. If the player dies, they lose their Hatred's Chosen status and accumulated Hatred and Seeds of Hatred (ouch).

Siphoning Seeds of Hatred

The player does receive a benefit during this time, though: the ability to siphon Seeds of Hatred from enemies, including monsters. This stacks on top of the Seeds of Hatred that monsters and players already drop, allowing the player to accumulate Seeds of Hatred faster.


Hatred's Chosen rewards

Seeds of Hatred conversion to Red Dust

In addition to the ability to drain Seeds of Hatred from enemies during the 5 minutes, once the 5 minutes are up, the player's Seeds of Hatred balance is automatically converted to Red Dust, without having to do a Ritual of Hatred at an Altar of Extraction.

Hatred's Chosen Title

When a player completes their first 5 minute Hatred's of Chosen trial, they receive the "Hatred's Chosen" Title, which they can display below their character's name and mix-and-match with other Title prefixes and suffixes.

That's it?

Yes, some players have given feedback that the Hatred's Chosen system should give better rewards for the amount of effort put in. Given that Blizzard has been receptive of feedback so far, it's possible Hatred's Chosen rewards will improve in the future.

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