Diablo 4 PvP

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PVP mechanics


Diablo 4 Mark for Blood

Players must turn on Mark for Blood before they attack other players on Diablo 4's Fields of Hatred.

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Ear trophies

Diablo 4 PvP ear trophy

A callback to Diablo 2, winning PvP players can loot ears off of their defeated opponents and collect them.

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Fields of Hatred

Diablo 4 PvP zones

PvP will take place in a dedicated zone, called the Fields of Hatred. The zone is optional and open to all.

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Hatred's Chosen

Diablo 4 Hatred's Chosen

The most successful PvP players will achieve Hatred's Chosen. This alerts other PvP players of their presence.

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Red Dust

Diablo 4 Red Dust

Red Dust is the purified form of Seeds of Hatred and can be spent on Cosmetic Armor and Mount Armor.

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Seeds of Hatred

Diablo 4 Seeds of Hatred

A PvP reward found on slain foes, Monsters, and Chests in the Fields of Hatred that need purifying at an altar.

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More advanced PvP play

Diablo 4's new Vessel of Hatred status, given to the best PvP players on the battlefield, provides players with new incentive to try their hand at PvP. In addition, players can collect Seeds of Hatred by killing other players (or finding them on the Fields of Hatred) and purifying them for rewards. Lastly, in homage to Diablo 2, players can sever an ear off a slain opponent and keep it for a trophy as a bragging right.