Red Dust in Diablo 4

What is Red Dust?

Red Dust is a currency acquired via PvP. It's accepted in the PvP towns of Alzuuda and Denshar to:

Acquiring Red Dust

The only way to get Red Dust is to collect Seeds of Hatred on the Fields of Hatred through:

  • Slaying other players: the surviving player can loot the slain player's Seeds of Hatred
  • Killing Monsters: harder Monsters, like Elites and Bosses, provide more
  • Opening objects, like Chests: the rare Baleful Chest rewards hundreds of Seeds of Hatred
  • Finishing Events: although they attract other players, they give hundreds of Seeds of Hatred

Players then purify the Seeds of Hatred in a Ritual of Hatred, a tense 60 second ordeal where the player has to survive other players' and Monsters' attacks.

Converting Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust D4
Purifying Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust

Once the ritual is complete, the player's Seeds of Hatred are converted (1:1) into Red Dust and safely locked away in their Inventory.

Diablo 4 Red Dust amount in Inventory Screen
Red Dust currency balance in Inventory Screen

If, however, the player dies before the ritual's 60 seconds is up, they drop all of their Seeds of Hatred and none gets converted into Red Dust.

Can PvE players get Red Dust?

Technically, no. Players wishing to remain PvE ("Player vs. Environment") can enter the Fields of Hatred and participate in some activities, like:

And, while doing so, will accumulate Seeds of Hatred; however, these seeds are worthless unless converted to Red Dust, and the only way to do that is via a Ritual of Hatred, which automatically turns the player Bloodmarked (i.e., able to be attacked by other players and can attack other players). Therefore, a PvE player wanting Red Dust can't avoid PvP mode, albeit for a short time.

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What can Red Dust buy?

Red Dust can only be used in the PvP towns of Alzuuda (beside the Dry Steppes' Field of Hatred) and Denshar (beside Kehjistan's Field of Hatred). Vendors in both towns have the same items and services.

PvP Cosmetic items

Character Armor

An NPC called the Odds and Ends Vendor sells pieces to a cosmetics set called the Killer's Set.

Item Red Dust
Killer's Guise 90,000
Killer's Vest 90,000
Killer's Hands 75,000
Killer's Boots 60,000
Killer's Leggings 75,000

Mount Armor

The Unconventional Mount Armor NPC sells 5 types of Mount Armor.

Item Red Dust
Bloody Warlord's Barding 85,000
Brutal Wizard's Barding 40,000
Cruel Assassin's Barding 40,000
Dark Knight's Barding 40,000
Demonic Warlord's Barding 85,000

Mount Trophies

Also, players can buy 5 Mount Trophies from the Unconventional Mount Armor.

Item Red Dust
Bloody Warlord's Warning 75,000
Brutal Wizard's Standard 30,000
Cruel Assassin's Saddlebag 30,000
Dark Knight's Strongbox 30,000
Demonic Warlord's Windchimes 75,000


Lastly, 1 Mount is available for purchase in the PvP towns.

Item Red Dust
Bloody Mount 100,000

PvP Scrolls

Cursed Scrolls

Cursed Scrolls provide PvP players with a significant buff, but also come with a negative effect, making them unpredictable.

Item Red Dust
Cursed Scroll of Chaos 1,200
Cursed Scroll of Recklessness 800
Cursed Scroll of Tranquility 800

Gambling for real items

Players can gamble their Red Dust for (non-cosmetic) items at the Unsavory Oddities Vendor, a PvP town version of the Purveyor of Curiosities.

Diablo 4 Unsavory Oddities gambling
The Unsavory Oddities Vendor is found in Alzuuda and Denshar
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