Diablo 4 events

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Event types

Dungeon Events

Diablo 4 random events

While progressing through Dungeons, players will chance upon Dungeon Events. They have two objectives.

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Live events

Diablo 4 live events

Each Season will bring new Live Events that players will randomly experience while playing.

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Local Events

Diablo 4 local events

A Local Event is a random, small story event that can occur while exploring Sanctuary. Rewards include Obols.

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Rewarding, serendipitous encounters

Although Diablo 4's world of Sanctuary is fixed, it's filled with randomly spawning events that make it feel alive, especially with new content each Season. Players also experience these events in Dungeons, which are laid out randomly, increasing the variability of gameplay. Events offer Gold, experience, and unique loot, like Murmurring Obols, a type of currency given to the Purveyor of Curiosities to gamble for rare items.