Dungeon random events in D4

Random events returning

Random events are a much loved feature of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. They'll make a return in Diablo 4 [1], randomly spawning in the game's over one hundred Dungeons:

"Random events are back. Random events are a core part of the classic dungeon crawling feeling in Diablo 4. One major change to the past game is they're no longer restricted to a specific place in the world. This allows dungeons to have a much broader range of possible events. Every time you play, you can find a different type of event in it."
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Altar of Bishibosh random event

Blizzard gave us a glimpse of one random event called Altar of Bishibosh, in which the player's goal is to destroy an altar while also defending against a horde of monsters. "Event joined" is shown on the screen, which may indicate that a player must opt-in to random events.

Diablo 4 Altar of Bishibosh random event
Diablo 4 random event called Altar of Bishibosh

Experience & gold as rewards

After successfully completing a random event, a message pops up on the screen showing the player's reward: experience and gold. We don't know if rewards are limited to these two things, but most likely.

Diablo 4 random event rewards
Experience and gold given as random event rewards
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1. 2019 BlizzCon: Diablo IV Systems and Features Blizzard


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