Diablo 4 Unique items

Best D4 Unique itemsUnique item database
Name ▲ Slot Class Skills Hot
Diablo 4 100,000 Steps Unique Boots 100,000 Steps Boots Barbarian Ground Stomp, Walking Arsenal 20
Diablo 4 Ancient's Oath Unique Axe Ancient's Oath Axe - 2H Barbarian Steel Grasp 6
Diablo 4 Andariel's Visage Unique Helm Andariel's Visage Helm All n/a 16
Diablo 4 Asheara's Khanjar Unique Dagger Asheara's Khanjar Dagger Rogue n/a 9
Diablo 4 Battle Trance Unique Amulet Battle Trance Amulet Barbarian Frenzy 5
Diablo 4 Black River Unique Scythe Black River Scythe - 1H Necromancer Corpse Explosion, Fueled by Death 7
Diablo 4 Blood Artisan's Cuirass Unique Chest Blood Artisan's Cuirass Chest Necromancer Bone Spirit 7
Diablo 4 Bloodless Scream Unique Scythe Bloodless Scream Scythe - 2H Necromancer Darkness Skills 5
Diablo 4 Butcher's Cleaver Unique Axe Butcher's Cleaver Axe - 1H All n/a 7
Diablo 4 Condemnation Unique Dagger Condemnation Dagger Rogue Combo Points, Core Skills 7
Diablo 4 Cowl of the Nameless Unique Helm Cowl of the Nameless Helm Rogue n/a 19
Diablo 4 Deathless Visage Unique Helm Deathless Visage Helm Necromancer Bone Spear 8
Diablo 4 Deathspeaker's Pendant Unique Amulet Deathspeaker's Pendant Amulet Necromancer Blood Surge, Coalesced Blood 7
Diablo 4 Doombringer Unique Sword Doombringer Sword All n/a 15
Diablo 4 Esadora's Overflowing Cameo Unique Amulet Esadora's Overflowing Cameo Amulet Sorcerer Shocking Impact 6
Diablo 4 Esu's Heirloom Unique Boots Esu's Heirloom Boots Sorcerer 6
Diablo 4 Eyes in the Dark Unique Pants Eyes in the Dark Pants Rogue Death Trap 5
Diablo 4 Fields of Crimson Unique Sword Fields of Crimson Sword - 2H Barbarian Rupture 5
Diablo 4 Fists of Fate Unique Gloves Fists of Fate Gloves All n/a 6
Diablo 4 Flamescar Unique Wand Flamescar Wand Sorcerer Incinerate 5
Diablo 4 Frostburn Unique Gloves Frostburn Gloves All n/a 7
Diablo 4 Gloves of the Illuminator Unique Gloves Gloves of the Illuminator Gloves Sorcerer Fireball 6
Diablo 4 Gohr's Devastating Grips Unique Gloves Gohr's Devastating Grips Gloves Barbarian Whirlwind 6
Diablo 4 The Grandfather Unique Sword The Grandfather Sword - 2H All n/a 13
Diablo 4 Grasp of Shadow Unique Gloves Grasp of Shadow Gloves Rogue Shadow Clone 7
Diablo 4 Greatstaff of the Crone Unique Staff Greatstaff of the Crone Staff Druid Claw, Storm Strike 7
Diablo 4 Greaves of the Empty Tomb Unique Boots Greaves of the Empty Tomb Boots Necromancer Sever 4
Diablo 4 Harlequin Crest Unique Helm Harlequin Crest Helm All n/a Best Unique items Diablo 4 100
Diablo 4 Hellhammer Unique Mace Hellhammer Mace - 2H Barbarian Upheaval 4
Diablo 4 Howl from Below Unique Gloves Howl from Below Gloves Necromancer Corpse Explosion 5
Diablo 4 Hunter's Zenith Unique Ring Hunter's Zenith Ring Druid Quickshift 5
Diablo 4 Iceheart Brais Unique Pants Iceheart Brais Pants Sorcerer n/a 6
Diablo 4 Insatiable Fury Unique Chest Insatiable Fury Chest Druid Werebear Skills 5
Diablo 4 Mad Wolf's Glee Unique Chest Mad Wolf's Glee Chest Druid Werewolf Skills 5
Diablo 4 Melted Heart of Selig Unique Amulet Melted Heart of Selig Amulet All Core Skills 6
Diablo 4 Mother's Embrace Unique Ring Mother's Embrace Ring All Core Skills 8
Diablo 4 Overkill Unique Mace Overkill Mace - 2H Barbarian Death Blow 7
Diablo 4 Penitent Greaves Unique Boots Penitent Greaves Boots All n/a 6
Diablo 4 Rage of Harrogath Unique Chest Rage of Harrogath Chest Barbarian Non-Ultimate Skills 5
Diablo 4 Raiment of the Infinite Unique Chest Raiment of the Infinite Chest Sorcerer Glass Cannon, Teleport 7
Diablo 4 Ramaladni's Magnum Opus Unique Sword Ramaladni's Magnum Opus Sword - 1H Barbarian n/a 5
Diablo 4 Ring of Mendeln Unique Ring Ring of Mendeln Ring Necromancer n/a 7
Diablo 4 Ring of Misfortune Unique Ring Ring of Misfortune Ring All n/a 7
Diablo 4 Ring of Starless Skies Unique Ring Ring of Starless Skies Ring All Core Skills 8
Diablo 4 Skyhunter Unique Bow Skyhunter Bow Rogue Exploit, Marksman Skills, Precision 4
Diablo 4 Staff of Endless Rage Unique Staff Staff of Endless Rage Staff Sorcerer Core Skills, Inner Flames, Fireball 6
Diablo 4 Staff of Lam Esen Unique Staff Staff of Lam Esen Staff Sorcerer Charged Bolts 6
Diablo 4 Storm's Companion Unique Pants Storm's Companion Pants Druid Wolves 4
Diablo 4 Temerity Unique Pants Temerity Pants All n/a 10
Diablo 4 Tempest Roar Unique Helm Tempest Roar Helm Druid Storm Skills, Werewolf Skills 8
Diablo 4 Vasily's Prayer Unique Helm Vasily's Prayer Helm Druid Earth Skills, Werebear Skills 8
Diablo 4 Waxing Gibbous Unique Axe Waxing Gibbous Axe - 1H Druid Shred 4
Diablo 4 Windforce Unique Bow Windforce Bow Rogue Core Skills, Impetus 13
Diablo 4 Word of Hakan Unique Amulet Word of Hakan Amulet Rogue Imbuement Skills, Rain of Arrows, Ultimate Skills 8

Unique items, the god drops of Diablo 4

Blizzard has said that Unique Items are so powerful, players will base entire builds around them.

Number of affixes

Unique items have 5 affixes, with one of those being a Unique affix, which is multiple times more powerful than a regular affix.

Drop rate

Uniques are so rare that players can expect only a few to drop each Season. Regular and Sacred Unique items begin dropping in World Tier 3. Ancestral Unique items only drop in World Tier 4.

Sacred and Ancestral versions

Both Sacred Unique items and Ancestral Unique items exist, with the latter being the most powerful (Item Power ~800). They'll have the same affixes as regular Uniques, but higher stats.

Trade status

Unique items are account-bound, so players can't trade them.

Number of Unique items

Diablo 4 is expected to launch with between 50-100 Unique items, many of them Class-based. More will be added in Seasons and expansions.