Unique · Sword - 1H · All Classes
Diablo 4 Doombringer Unique Sword
  • 1.1 Attacks per Second (Fast Weapon)
  • Affix icon +17.5% Critical Strike Damage
  • Affix icon +[12.5-19.5%] Core Skill Damage
  • Affix icon +[10.5-17.5%] Damage
  • Affix icon Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal [0.175-0.315] Life
  • Affix icon +[12.0-26.0%] Life
  • Unique affix icon Lucky Hit: Up to a x% chance to deal 825 Shadow damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their damage done by 20% for 5 seconds.

Doombringer lore

"Whenever this ancient sword has reappeared throughout history, it portends a time of great strife, as well as a devastating loss of life."
Diablo IV guide author Unknown
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Doombringer examples

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Doombringer is a Unique One-Handed Sword for All Classes. Regular and Sacred Doombringer begin dropping in World Tier 3, while Ancestral Doombringer drop in World Tier 4.

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