Chests in Diablo 4

Regular Chest

Regular Chests are by far the most common Chests in the game. They have a variety of looks, are smaller than other Chests, and have a white glow.

Diablo IV Chest
3 different Regular Chest looks

Regular Chest loot

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Resplendent Chest

Resplendent Chests are larger than Regular Chests. They hold more and better loot, and emit a golden glow.

Diablo 4 Resplendent Chest
Resplendent Chest have a yellow glow

Resplendent Chest loot

Resplendent Guardian Chest

In World Tier 3: Nightmare and above, players can chance upon a type of Resplendent Chest that's protected by an Elite, called a Resplendent Guardian. Once the Resplendent Guardian is killed, the Chest can then be opened.

Diablo 4 Resplendent Guardian Chest
Resplendent Guardians block the opening of some Resplendent Chests
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Radiant Chests

Radiant Chest

Players receive a Radiant Chest when they complete the first objective of an Event (but fail to complete the second, Mastery objective). Radiant Chests have a boxier shape than the more rounded Regular and Resplendent Chests, and they're one of the only ways to get Obols (10).

Diablo 4 Radiant Chest
Radiant Chests are given as Event rewards

Radiant Chest loot


Greater Radiant Chest

If a player completes an Event's Mastery objective (i.e., the hardest one), they're given a Greater Radiant Chest, which are larger than Radiant and emit a golden glow. Inside are 35 Obols, along with more Gold and loot.

Diablo 4 Greater Radiant Chest
An unopened Greater Radiant Chest

Greater Radiant Chest loot

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Baleful Chest

While in the PvP zone, Fields of Hatred, players will come across stone containers with fiery rings around them, called Baleful Chests. They're filled with hundreds of Seeds of Hatred (and other loot).

Diablo 4 Baleful Chest
Baleful Chests are an efficient way to get Seeds of Hatred

Baleful Chests can only be opened if the player is Bloodmarked (i.e., looking for PvP action). Players can use the Emote Wheel to turn on Bloodmarking.

Diablo 4 Mark for Blood Emote
The Emote Wheel can quickly make a player Bloodmarked

Baleful Chest loot


Cursed Chest

Occasionally, players will click on a Chest only to find that it's a Cursed Chest, triggering an Event that requires players to defeat waves of monsters before opening the Chest.

Diablo 4 Cursed Chest
Cursed Chests emit purple smoke and start spawning waves of Monsters

Cursed Chest loot


Helltide Chests

Helltide Chests (also known as Tortured Gifts) are only found within Helltides, which last 60 minutes. They require a specific number of Aberrant Cinders that are acquired via Events, Monster, and opening objects. Also, they spawn in predictable places, as tracked by the service,

Diablo 4 Helltide Mystery Chest
A Barbarian opening a coveted Helltide Mystery Chest

Helltide Mystery Chests

Although rarer and costlier (175 Cinders), Helltide Mystery Chests (or Tortured Gift of Mysteries) offer the best loot in the game. It's recommended that players focus solely on these Helltide Mystery Chests, as opposed to the item slot-specific ones. For a full overview on how to get as many Mystery Chests as possible during the Helltide, see our dedicated section on: Page icon svg Helltide Mystery Chests.

Helltide Mystery Chest Loot examples (WT4)

Diablo 4 Helltide Mystery Chest loot
3 Ancestral Legendaries, 2 Sacred Legendaries, 6 Fiend Rose, 3 Forgotten Souls

Helltide Mystery Chest Loot examples (WT3)

Helltide Mystery Chest Diablo 4 loot
4 Sacred Legendaries, 4 Elixirs, 4 Fiend Rose, 4 Forgotten Souls
D4 Helltide Mystery Chest loot
5 Sacred Legendaries, 4 Elixirs, 4 Fiend Rose, 4 Forgotten Souls
Diablo 4 Tortured Gift of Mysteries Chest loot
5 Sacred Legendaries, 2 Elixirs, 4 Fiend Rose, Mount

Helltide Chests for specific item slots

If players exhaust the Mystery Chests in a Helltide, they can then look to spend their Cinders on Chests for specific slots. These Chests typically contain 2-4 items of the same slot.

Diablo 4 Helltide Chest
The type of item a Helltide Chest contains is shown above it
Chest Cinders
Tortured Gift of Amulets 125
Tortured Gift of Boots 75
Tortured Gift of Chest Armor 75
Tortured Gift of Heavy Weaponry 150
Tortured Gift of Helms 75
Tortured Gift of Handguards 75
Tortured Gift of Legguards 75
Tortured Gift of Light Weaponry 125
Tortured Gift of Rings 75

Helltide Chest loot


Mutterlock Chest

Mutterlock Chests are rare and can only be opened with a correct passphrase. Choosing the wrong passphrase makes the Chest vanish.

Players are given a choice of 8 phrases, which are a mix of Latin and fake words:

  • Sint et maldus
  • Sint et palox
  • Sint la maldus
  • Sint la palox
  • Vemp et maldus
  • Vemp et palox
  • Vemp la maldus
  • Vemp la palox

In order to figure out the correct phrase, players must find 3 nearby Whispering Stone objects, each one providing the player with 1 of the 3 words in the passphrase.

Mutterlock Chest loot


Silent Chests

Silent Chests are temporary, locked chests that randomly spawn across Sanctuary. Players will see Silent Chests appear on their minimap and must rush to them before they disappear.

D4 Silent Chest
Silent Chests are unlocked with Whispering Keys

Opening Silent Chests

Silent Chests can only be opened with Whispering Keys, which are purchased for 20 Obols from the Purveyor of Curiosities. Note that the Whispering Key must be in the player's Inventory at the time of opening the Chest (i.e., it can't be in the Stash).

D4 Whispering Key
Whispering Keys are bought at the Purveyor of Curiosities

Silent Chest loot

Blizzard hasn't revealed how much better Silent Chest items are; however, given the added trouble players have to go through to open them, the items' Item Powers are likely higher than those in other Chests.

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