Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4

What does the Purveyor of Curiosities do?

The Purveyor of Curiosities is an NPC found across Sanctuary that allows players to gamble for items.

Diablo 4 Purveyor of Curiosity
Purveyor of Curiosities's Gambling UI

Obols currency

Purveyors only accept Murmuring Obols as a currency, which are most often obtained as rewards for completing Events. A player begins with the ability to hold 500 Obols and can increase this amount by 100 (for a total of 600) by finding specific Altars of Lilith. Players can't pick up new Obols if they've reached their limit, so it's advantageous to gamble at least some before this happens; otherwise, players have to Town Portal, gamble, and return.

Obols currency from Diablo 4
Obols currency used for gambling
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Which items can be gambled for?

Players can gamble on items for any of their Class's equipable slots and receive anything from a Common to a Legendary item. Currently, no players have reported winning a Unique item, so it's either rare or impossible. All of the items received will scale to the player's current level.

Item slot costs

Each item slot costs a different amount of Murmuring Obols to gamble on:

Weapon cost

Slot Obols
Axe 60
Bow 75
Crossbow 75
Focus 40
Mace 50
Polearm 75
Staff 75
Sword 50
Two-Handed Axe 75
Two-Handed Hammer 75
Two-Handed Sword 75
Wand 50

Armor cost

Slot Obols
Boots 25
Cap 40
Gloves 25
Pants 40
Tunic 40

Jewelry cost

Slot Obols
Amulet 60
Ring 40
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Odds of getting a Legendary item

Players have a chance to win anything from a Normal to Legendary item from the Purveyor of Curiosities. Below is the breakdown of item rarities we've gotten gambling for 125 items:

Rarity Odds
Normal 2%
Magic 36%
Rare 37%
Legendary 25%
Unique 0%

Buying Whispering Keys

At the end of the Purveyor of Curiosities's list of items to gamble for, players will find an item called "Whispering Key" to purchase (not gamble on). These keys are the only way to open up Silent Chests, which are locked and found randomly throughout Sanctuary. If players want to quickly buy multiple keys, they can hold Shift and right-click to buy 5 at a time.

Diablo 4 Whispering Key
Whispering Keys can be bought to open up Silent Chests
Diablo IV Silent Chest
A locked Silent Chest, opened with a Whispering Key
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