Gold in Diablo 4

Gold uses

Blizzard has long sought to make gold worth picking up in Diablo games. Diablo 4 will have an array of uses for gold, including:

The game's economy has gone through multiple iterations [1] trying to get gold usage where it should be:

"In the latest playtest, there was too much gold -- it was pointless. They want to have a lot of ways to spend gold and keep it in check."
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Gold sources

The majority of your gold in Diablo 4 will come from killing monsters. Alternative sources and ways to increase the rate of gold gain are:


Gold UI elements

Although Diablo 4's UI is heavily under development, a character's gold amount is shown in the lower left corner of their inventory screen:

Diablo 4 gold icon in inventory UI
Gold amount on Inventory screen

The vendor sale price (in gold) for items is shown in the lower right corner of the item's UI screen:

Diablo 4 gold icon in inventory UI
Item sell value on item screen
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Gold drop animation

When a slain monster drops gold in Diablo 4, the gold is flung up into the air and then falls to the ground in a satisfying way. This differs from past Diablo games, where the gold was immediately displayed on the ground beside the monster's corpse.

Diablo 4 monster dropping gold animation
Gold flying out of a killed monster's body

Buy Diablo 4 gold

Similar to past Diablo (and other Blizzard) games, buying Diablo 4 gold with real money is against Blizzard's policies and could result in the termination of a player's account. Here's the relevant point in Blizzard's Termination of Service Agreement [2]:

"6. Buying or selling for “real” money or exchange, gold, weapons, armor, or any other virtual items that may be used in a Game outside the Game platform."
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In addition to ruining the spirit of the game, players find (the hard way) that many of the "buy gold" and "buy items" merchants are scams. Often, players never receive the in-game goods they paid for, and their payment/personal information is used for nefarious purposes.

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