Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4

What are Treasure Goblins?

Treasure Goblins, also known as Loot Goblins, randomly spawn in Dungeons, Helltides, and the Open World. They drop Gold as they run, and valuable items when killed. Once they detect a player is near, they dash off in a direction, oftentimes towards a pack of Monsters, creating chaos. When attacked, their Movement Speed increases, making them increasingly harder to kill. Also, Treasure Goblins get faster each World Tier, with those in Torment being much harder to kill.

Diablo 4 Treasure Goblin
Barbarian chasing a Treasure Goblin

Treasure Goblin portal

If a player fails to hit the Goblin a handful of seconds after it begins to run, the Goblin stops and begins to summon a portal. The player now has a few seconds to interrupt the Goblin before it disappears into the portal along with its tasty loot.

D4 Treasure Goblin portal
Treasure Goblin summoning a portal to escape

Treasure Goblin Minimap icon

Players will often see the Treasure Goblin icon on their minimap before they see the actual Goblin. In most cases, barring playing Hardcore mode or the presence of a tough elite monster, the player should immediately rush after the Goblin. Not doing so risks the Treasure Goblin disappearing without ever seeing it, as confirmed by multiple tests by us.

D4 Treasure Goblin minimap icon
Treasure Goblin icon on the minimap
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Treasure Goblin loot

Drops from Treasure Goblins vary greatly, but seem to be on par with that of Silent Chests, another rarely occurring feature in the game. The loot doesn't seem to be close to Helltide Mystery Chests, which are thought to provide the best items in the game.

Treasure Goblin loot drop - 6/20/23

The below loot came from a Treasure Goblin that appeared in a Helltide, which likely improved drop quality. Included in the loot was the Barbarian Unique Boots, 100,000 Steps.

Treasure Goblin D4 loot
Drops from a Treasure Goblin found in a Helltide

Treasure Goblin loot drop - 6/22/23

The below Level 57 Goblin was killed in Kehjistan and dropped a few Rare items, along with an "Old Journal," item that began a Side Quest.

Treasure Goblin Diablo 4 drops
This Treasure Goblin dropped a few Rares and a Side Quest item
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Old Journal Side Quest item

Treasure Goblins have a chance to drop an Old Journal, which begins the Endless Fortune Side Quest. The quest consists of simply returning the journal to Ostaf, the Purveyor of Curiosities in Kehjistan. After turning the journal in, players are rewarded with:

Diablo 4 Old Journal Treasure Goblin item
Turning in the Old Journal completes the Endless Fortune Side Quest
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