Kehjistan region in Diablo 4

Kehjistan location on map

The area of Kehjistan borders the Dry Steppes to the north and Hawezar to the east. It sits on the western side of the playable landmass:

Diablo 4 Kehjistan location on the map
Kehjistan region (orange) highlighted on map of Sanctuary
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Desert sands & ancient ruins

Every Diablo game has a desert region, and Kehjistan is Diablo 4's. Players might remember some of Kehjistan's locations from Diablo 3: Alcarnus and Caldeum. The region's vast sands are littered with ancient ruins and artifacts [1]:

"In Diablo 3, you actually visited some places in Kehjistan, like Caldeum and the "Jewel of the East," Alcarnus. Things were pretty bad in Diablo 3 for them, but it's gotten worse since then. This is also the location for a lot of important events from Diablo's past: The Sin War, The Mage Clan Wars, etc. There's a lot of history burried under the sands of Kehjistan."
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Diablo 4 Barbarian fighting Fallen monsters in Kehjistan
Barbarian fighting Fallen monsters in Kehjistan
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Triune cultists & Fallen demons

Perhaps the most important event known in Diablo 4 occurred in Kehjistan: the ritual that brought back Lilith, accomplished by cultists of the Triune faith. Also, lurking in the desert sands are demons of the Fallen monster family:

"We have these ancient Triune cult ruins that radiate a dark power and energy. The Triune, who were responsible for helping Lilith return to Sanctuary, also worship the Prime Evils, and they're hastening their master's return. The people who live in Kehjistan have lost any hope of rescue. Demons are lurking in the sands around them. Lilith's agents wear the smiling faces of their friends and trusted family members. There's this horrible paranoia that beats down the people like the hot sun above them."
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Blizzard also mentions that Kehjistan is inhabited by members of the Zakarum faith or "The Church of Light," as it's known in Diablo's lore. These followers are often so fanatical that they lose sight of good and become corrupted:

"This is the last bastion of the Zakarum faith. Years of decadence and corruption have caused them to fall apart and lose the hearts and minds of the people that live in this region. They've desparately been trying to gain that faith back, but it's not going well."
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Words to define Kehjistan by

Here's ten words to give you a feel for what the Kehjistan region will be like:

  • Ancient
  • Corruption
  • Demons
  • Desert
  • Historic
  • Lilith
  • Rituals
  • Ruins
  • Sand
  • Treasure
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1. 2019 BlizzCon: Diablo IV World and Lore Blizzard


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