Shared Stash in Diablo 4

Shared Stash across your characters

Blizzard wanted to remove the friction of moving items between a player's characters, so it implemented a shared Stash feature in Diablo 4. The Stash can be found in each Region's Capital.

Diablo 4 Stash
A player's shared Stash in Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks

Shared Stash size

Each tab in the Stash is 5 rows by 10 columns, for a total of 50 slots. Given that every item in Diablo 4 takes up 1 slot, the Stash can hold 50 items.

Diablo 4 shared Stash
Shared Stash tab full of a player's Legendary items

Stash sorting feature

The Stash, like the Inventory screen, includes a quality-of-life sorting feature (a circular red button with up and down arrows) that orders items by:

  • Equipment slot, then
  • Item Power, then
  • Item quality

Shared Stash limitations

There are some limits to how "shared" the Stash is:

  • Not shared in Hardcore mode: Hardcore mode is the purest and most challenging way to play Diablo 4. Fresh characters start out with an empty Stash and Gold total.
  • Not shared between Seasons: Although Blizzard hasn't officially announced this yet, we expect the Stash to be shared for a player's characters during a Season, but the sharing won't carry over to the next Season (i.e., a fresh start, similar to Hardcore mode).
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Buying extra Stash tabs

Stash tab cost

Players can purchase extra Stash tabs for 100,000 Gold each.

Customizing a Stash tab

To better organize their shared Stash, players can provide each tab with a unique name and icon. Players will likely want individual tabs for their Legendary items, Gems, and Elixirs.

Diablo 4 edit Stash tab UI
UI for editing a Shared Stash tab's name and icon
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Stash missed equipment feature

Ever fear leaving a Legendary or Unique item behind in a Dungeon? Don't worry -- Diablo 4 has your back with its "missed equipment" feature. If a player misses a Legendary or Unique item, it's sent to their Stash later that day. Up to 10 items can be reclaimed this way.

Diablo IV missed equipment Stash feature
Legendary item left behind in a Dungeon that was sent to the Stash

Shared Stash locations

When looking at a town's map, the Stash is represented by a chest icon.

Fractured Peaks


Shared Stash location in Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks Diablo 4
The Stash is located in the northern part of Kyovashad
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