Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4

What are the Fields of Hatred?

Players wanting to participate in PvP in Diablo 4 can only do so within 2 dedicated zones, called The Fields of Hatred. Both zones:

  • Have the same mechanics: players can PvP, PvE, and collect the same rewards in either
  • Are large: both have a handful of areas, which prevents predatory PvP camping
  • Have adjacent towns: they have the same vendors that sell the same cosmetics and PvP boosts
  • Are optional: neither zone is required for the campaign; they offer no power boost to players

D4 PvP battle
Sparks flying in a chaotic PvP battle in the Fields of Hatred

Do the Fields of Hatred allow PvE?

Yes, the Fields of Hatred allow any player to enter the zone and kill monsters and find loot without participating in PvP (this is known as PvE or "Player vs. Environment" play). A player's PvE and PvP status is determined by whether they're Bloodmarked. Players enter the Fields of Hatred with Bloodmarked off, so they can't attack other players by default. If a player turns Bloodmarked on or begins a Ritual of Hatred (Bloodmarked is forced on), their status switches to PvP and they can be attacked by other players.

Collecting Seeds of Hatred for PvP rewards

Players doing PvE within the Fields of Hatred will collect Seeds of Hatred from monsters and opening objects, similar to PvP players; however, the Seeds of Hatred are useless unless they're purified into Red Dust via a Ritual of Hatred. This 60 second ritual forces the player to become Bloodmarked (i.e., PvP on) to make any use of their Seeds of Hatred, so they can acquire cosmetic PvP rewards, like:

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Fields of Hatred locations

Diablo 4 has 2 Fields of Hatred. They have the same PvP mechanics, but differ in layout and monsters. One is found in the southern Dry Steppes, and the other is in southern Kehjistan:

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred location
Locations of the 2 Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred

Dry Steppes Field of Hatred map

The Dry Steppes Field of Hatred, which is adjacent to the town of Alzuuda, has 4 areas, each with its own Altar of Extraction (used in Rituals of Hatred):

  • Tabak Whitepan: North
  • Caves of Khalos: East
  • Wanderer's Outpost Ruins: Center
  • Reach of Fulmination: South
D4 Dry Steppes Field of Hatred
The areas of the Dry Steppes Fields of Hatred

Kehjistan Field of Hatred map

Meanwhile, the Kehjistan Field of Hatred, beside the town of Denshar, has 5 areas:

  • Shallow Mudcracks: North
  • Withered Boneyard: Northeast
  • Brittle Ruins: Center
  • Collapsed Fortress: Southeast
  • Pallid Oasis: South
D4 Kehjistan Field of Hatred
Kehjistan Field of Hatred areas
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Fields of Hatred unique features

Altars of Extraction

Each of the handful of areas within a Field of Hatred has an Altar of Extraction, where players can perform a Ritual of Hatred. This ritual transforms Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, which can be used to purchase PvP cosmetic rewards in the towns of Alzuuda and Denshar.

D4 Ritual of Hatred
The Ritual of Hatred converts Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust for PvP rewards

Baleful Chests

The Fields of Hatred are the only place that Baleful Chests spawn. They contain hundreds of Seeds of Hatred, as well as items and Gold. Players must be Bloodmarked (PvP on) in order to open them.

D4 Baleful Chest
A Baleful Chest found on the Fields of Hatred

Seething Abomination roaming boss

Seething Abomination is a roaming Boss that periodically spawns on the Fields of Hatred. Players will see a moving Boss icon (i.e., white skull with horns) on their map if the Seething Abomination is active. It's:

Diablo 4 Seething Abomination Boss
Seething Abomination taking a swipe at a Barbarian

Seething Abomination loot

D4 Seething Abomination loot
This Level 65 Seething Abomination dropped thousands of Seeds of Hatred

Fields of Hatred Lore

Diablo lore has it that these zones are the work of Mephisto, and once players step into them, they feel compelled to attack other players [1]:

"The way PvP works is the hatred of Mephisto has been bubbling up from Hell and created these areas in the open world you can freely walk in to. They consume you and make you turn against your fellow players."
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Article Source Date
1. 2021 BlizzCon - Diablo IV: What's Next Blizzard


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