Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4

What are Nightmare Sigils?

Nightmare Sigils (or "Dungeon keys") allow players to upgrade a regular Dungeon into an end-game Dungeon, called: Nightmare Dungeon. Doing so means the player will see:

Diablo 4 Nightmare Sigil
Nightmare Sigil with the coveted Magic Find affix

Getting Nightmare Sigils

First Nightmare Sigil

Players will receive their first Nightmare Sigil near the beginning of World Tier 3: Nightmare, which, for most players, occurs between Level 45-50. The most likely way for a player to get their first Sigil is via a reward from the Tree of Whispers' Priority Quest, although one could randomly drop in the meantime from a Monster.

Upkeeping a Nightmare Sigil supply

Once entering World Tier 3, players may feel like Nightmare Sigils are in short supply; however, this will quickly change from acquiring Sigils by:

  • Running Nightmare Dungeons: usually 1-3 Sigils drop per Dungeon to set players up for more
  • Crafting Sigils at the Occultist: players can salvage unwanted Sigils and craft new ones
  • Completing Whispers: the Tree of Whispers consistently rewards Sigils

Nightmare Sigils in Inventory

Players will accumulate so many Sigils in the Consumables tab of their Inventory that they can be choosy over which ones to keep, salvaging the rest at the Occultist to get Sigil Dust to make more. Note that clicking the Inventory's sort button orders Sigils by tier, from highest to lowest.

Nightmare Sigil D4 Inventory
Nightmare Sigils building up in the Consumables Inventory tab
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How do Nightmare Sigil tiers work?

Tier difficulty

Each Nightmare Sigil has a tier from 1-100, with each tier getting progressively harder with regards to Monster toughness (but also better loot). Nightmare Sigil tiers don't correspond to player levels. For example, a Level 50 player can't do a Tier 50 Nightmare Dungeon. Instead, a Tier 1 Dungeon would be suited for the Level 50 player. Tiers 1-20 are eligible to drop in World Tier 3, with Tiers 21-100 appearing in World Tier 4

Tier Affixes World Tier Powder Gold
1-5 3 3 3 4,000
6-10 3 3 6 6,000
11-15 4 3 11 8,000
16-20 4 3 20 10,000
21-25 5 4 50 13,000
26-30 5 4 80 16,000
31-35 5 4 125 19,000
36-40 5 4 190 22,000
41-50 5 4 275 26,000
51-60 5 4 350 30,000
61-70 5 4 375 35,000
71-80 5 4 400 40,000
81-90 5 4 425 45,000
91-100 5 4 450 50,000

Affixes per tier

As Nightmare Dungeons increase in tier, so do their number of random affixes. Sigils can have 3-5 affixes, depending on their tier.

For a full list of the 70+ affixes, see our: Page icon svg Nightmare Dungeon affix guide.

D4 Nightmare Sigil affixes
4 affixes from a Tier 14 Nightmare Dungeon

Negative affixes (i.e., afflictions)

All but one of the affixes on the Nightmare Sigil will be afflictions, which make the Dungeon more challenging. Afflictions can change:

  • Monster abilities: increased Monster damage types and resistances, etc.
  • Spawns: special events and objects that periodically try to damage the player
Stormbane's Wrath D4 affix
Stormbane's Wrath follows the player through the Dungeon, zapping them

Positive affixes

One of the affixes will have a positive effect on the player, such as:

  • Player ability: increased damage of a certain type, better Evading, etc.
  • Better loot: increased Magic Find or more Gold
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Eligible Dungeons for Nightmare Sigils

Not all Dungeons can appear on a Nightmare Sigil. To keep things fresh, each Season, Blizzard chooses 30 Dungeons (6 per Region) to randomly roll on Sigils. At launch, the current list is:

Dry Steppes Nightmare Dungeons

  • Ancient's Lament
  • Champion's Demise
  • Dark Ravine
  • Guulrahn Canals
  • Guulrahn Slums
  • Onyx Hold

Fractured Peaks Nightmare Dungeons

  • Black Asylum
  • Cultist Refuge
  • Kor Dragan Barracks
  • Lost Archives
  • Maulwood
  • Zenith

Hawezar Nightmare Dungeons

  • Blind Burrows
  • Earthen Wound
  • Maugan's Works
  • Serpent's Lair
  • Shadowed Plunge
  • Witchwater

Kehjistan Nightmare Dungeons

  • Abandoned Mineworks
  • Conclave
  • Crusaders' Cathedral
  • Prison of Caldeum
  • Renegade's Retreat
  • Shivta Ruins

Scosglen Nightmare Dungeons

  • Aldurwood
  • Demon's Wake
  • Ferals' Den
  • Raethwind Wilds
  • Sunken Ruins
  • Whispering Pines
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