Stable Master in Diablo 4

What services does the Stable Master offer?

The Stable Master allows a player to alter the look of their Mount. Currently, all changes made to Mounts at the Stable Master are cosmetic-only, providing no power boost to the Mount. Stable Masters are available in all Regional Capitals (e.g., Kyovashad) and some Towns.

D4 Stablemaster
Stable Masters are usually on the outskirts of Towns

Change Mount

The Stable Master provides an interface to change a player's horse breed, which are acquired via the Cosmetics Shop, Monster drops, PvP, Seasonal content, etc. Note that horses from the Cosmetics Shop and Promotions will have a small, white cards icon in the lower-left of their preview icon.

Diablo 4 Stablemaster
All of a player's available Mounts are shown in the Stable

Change Mount Armor

Players can also change their horse's Mount Armor or select none with the 'X' option.

Stable Master D4 Mount Armor
Mount Armor provides no power boost and is purely for looks

Change Mount Trophy

Mount Trophies, usually displayed on the horse's hip, add a personal touch to a player's horse.

D4 Stablemaster Mount Trophies
Selecting the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, awarded in Beta

Mount preview

Each time a player clicks a new Mount option in the Stable Master's UI, they can see the changes updated live on their horse. While there's no "Confirm" button, players can click on the "X" in the upper-left corner to automatically save their Mount's look.

Stable Master Diablo 4 Mount Preview
Spectral Charger Mount with Hellborn Carapace Barding and Ashava Mount Trophy
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Stable Master Mount items

The Stable Master has a "Vendor" tab, where players can purchase 2 Mount-related items. Blizzard will likely add more items in future Seasons and Expansions.

Grey Steed Mount

For 20,000 Gold, players can purchase the sleek-looking Grey Steed Mount.

Diablo 4 Grey Steed Mount
Grey Steed Horse

Sturdy Saddle Armor

Also, the Stable Master offers a Mount Armor, the Sturdy Saddle, for 63,622 Gold.

Sturdy Saddle Mount Armor Diablo 4
Sturdy Saddle Horse Armor

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Will Mount items ever add power?

In 2019, early in Diablo 4's development, Blizzard was quoted saying that Mount items, like Armor, Hoofplates (didn't make it into release), and Saddles, could affect a horse's defense and speed. The full version of the game, however, had these items as cosmetic-only, so perhaps Blizzard is saving power-boosting Mount items for a Season or Expansion.

Artwork of various Diablo 4 mounts
Early artwork of Diablo 4 Mount customizations
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