Transmog in Diablo 4

How does transmog work in Diablo 4?

Transmogrification (or "transmog" for short) allows players to change an item's look without changing its power. In Diablo 4, transmog is done at the Wardrobe, found in all Regional Capitals.

Diablo 4 transmog Sorcerer Chest Armor
Transmogs for the Sorcerer's Chest Armor piece

Which items are eligible for transmog?

Players can use transmog on all of the following gear slot types:

  • Armor
  • Off-Hand
  • Weapon

Changing Jewelry's appearance

While Jewelry isn't included in the list, its look can be changed via the Wardrobe's Apperance tab with one of dozens of presupplied looks (the same ones during the character creation process).

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Using the Wardrobe's transmog UI

Inside the Wardrobe, players can select each of their item slots to see that slot's available transmogs. Note that Weapon and Offhand slots are shown under the "Items" tab. Players can also choose to show no item on their character model for that slot (the "X" icon), or return to the slot's equipped item's original look (the icon with a Helm and transmog symbol above it).

D4 Wardrobe transmog UI
A player's unlocked Helm transmogs

Once a player has chosen all of their items' transmogs and Armor dyes, they can save the look as a Wardrobe Ensemble to make it easily accessible in the future.

Diablo 4 Wardrobe Ensemble
Players get 1 Ensemble for free and have to pay Gold for the other 4

Transmog symbol on items

Items that have a transmog on them display an interlocking icon in the Inventory screen:

Transmog D4 item icon
This Barbarian's 2 One-Handed Swords have transmogs
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Unlocking transmogs

Salvaging items

The most common way players will unlock new transmogs is by salvaging items at the Blacksmith. If an item has a new transmog to unlock, it'll display an "Unlocks new look on salvage" message in orange at the bottom of the item's description.

Diablo 4 salavge items for transmog
Unlock new transmogs by salvaging items

Cosmetics Shop

Diablo 4's Cosmetics Shop has dozens of transmog sets available. The sets are:

  • Class-based: although some items from the set can be equipped by multiple classes
  • Purchased with Platinum: this is Diablo 4's real-money currency
  • Cosmetic-only: these items offer zero power boost
  • Made up of individual items: players can equip all or some of a set's pieces

D4 Host of Chaos Armor Set
The Host of Chaos, an example Sorcerer transmog set

Seasonal Content

Each Season brings new transmogs to unlock that can be earned via the free and premium tiers of the Season Pass system.

PvP rewards

As players earn Red Dust currency in the Fields of Hatred, they can purchase pieces of the Killer's set, which is sold by the Odds and Ends Vendor. Below are the pieces' Red Dust cost:

Item Red Dust
Killer's Guise 90,000
Killer's Vest 90,000
Killer's Hands 75,000
Killer's Boots 60,000
Killer's Leggings 75,000
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